BMW Has Always A Lot of Options When It Comes To Quality


While sitting on Highway 66 on a normal ridiculous traffic work day, wondering which bad driver would cut me off or decide to see if it was actually possible for two vehicles to travel in the same lane at the same time, I was enjoying the play list on my iPod (my means of escape from the traffic craziness). I began thinking how far technology has come from the days of the AM radio to Satellite radio to downloading specified songs from a play list. So I thought I would share some thoughts regarding car detailing melbourne the iPod and MP3 player technology, its do’s and don’ts, and the best options for you when it comes to being entertained by your playlist within your BMW.

Music has such a profound impact on our mental state of mind, I don’t think there is actually a better way to reenergize, fire-up, wake-up, meditate, or just relax than listening to your favorite music without strange side effects like kidney failure, dry mouth, dizziness or failing random drug tests. I have known people that will actually defend and get upset if someone makes a derogatory comment about their music, or their favorite singer and band.

When I was finally able to buy my first car it was great, except it only had an AM radio (bummer). I quickly went to the brightest minds I knew (my friends and other classmates) to determine what were the best radio components and music entertainment devices available. I received so many different recommendations, from eight track tape, cassette tape, to dial AM/FM radio to digital AM/FM radio, and the best manufacturers of that time. I did whatever any teenager would do, saved my money until my patience ran out and I found the right radio to blow all my money on – a Kenwood AM/FM digital cassette deck radio. I remember my best friend and I working very hard trying to figure out how to install this latest-in-technology-device in my car. It took us most of a weekend, but we managed to figure it out, so on Monday morning we were able to drive to high school with our heads held high listening to a .38 Special cassette tape.

BMW has always had a lot of options when it comes to music and the quality of the sound. (I am not sure if they ever had an eight track tape though.) As the advent of the iPod and MP3 players came more abundant BMW came out with an AUX input that would allow a driver to play their music through the stereo system, but they had to control the music through the device itself. The amazing thing was the amount of devices that one could play through the AUX input; MP3 player, portable CD or cassette player, and really any audio device that had an audio output jack. The mounting plate for the AUX input on these vehicles is mounted in the glove box on all models except the Z4 where it is mounted on the center console coin tray. One negative to this AUX input, however, is that there wasn’t an efficient way to keep the device’s battery charged.

520cc1d474cca896b206bc4acf68af44Then in 2003 BMW came out with the first generation iPod interface. This was great break though, because all you had to do was plug in your iPod and then you had the option to control the device through the iDrive, steering wheel or radio controls. You could create five different playlists on iTunes; though the playlists had to be named “BMW1, BMW2, BMW3, BMW4, and BMW5.” You could then access each playlist through CD-Changer mode by pressing the corresponding radio preset button on the radio. The bonus that came with this system was that the battery was kept charged through the pig-tail connector. The yin and yang (positive and negative) of the first iPod was that you had to set up the dedicated playlist, or press the number 6 button and listen to every song from start to finish; or you could use my preferred method of turning on the random mode and shuffling through the entire play list.

The mounting plate for these vehicles is in the glove box, with your iPod out of sight and constantly kept charged. If you find it irritating to operate your iPod this way, I recommend that you purchase the AUX input accessory instead of the iPod accessory with these models. Two pieces of information before you run out and purchase this accessory. One, if your BMW already has a six disc-changer in it, it will have to be removed to install the iPod accessory because there are a limited amount of plug-ins on the back of the radio. Two, the first generation iPod interface is compatible with 4th and 5th generation iPods, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPhone, and iPod touch, but is not compatible with the 3rd generation or earlier iPod and iPod shuffle,

The 2nd generation iPod interface mounting plate is still in the glove box as well as the center console, keeping your iPod out of sight, but BMW has worked out several kinks that were a hassle in the first generation’s system. Using CD Changer mode on the iDrive or radio controls allow you to directly access your iPod by artist names, album title, music genre, podcast, and displays the list of songs from your music library. If you like to skip around, just choose random and shuffle thought your play list. You still cannot have a six disc changer and an iPod with this generation, but BMW made great improvements with this interface, because it is compatible with the 3rd, 4th, 5th and later generation iPod, the new classic iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod touch, and the Apple iPhone, 3G and 3GS.

If you are an iPhone owner you will be excited how this works with your BMW. You would just connect your iPhone to the pigtail connector (most of them in the center console), then you could play your music just like an iPod and make and receive phone calls while your phone is being charged. It is the best of both worlds. When you’re plugging in your iPhone the phone will ask you if you want to turn on (airplane mode), you want to answer “NO” so that you will still have all of your phone functions.

The 3rd generation iPod interface is a continuation of the evolution of this accessory, it has all of the improvements from version two, with added options including the availability to use a memory stick and the system comes with a hard drive system that allows you to download your playlist into it.

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